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Charlie Hurt: Politically Unstable

Jul 25, 2023

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy sat down with The Washington Times to discuss his faith, family, and motivation to run for president.

Listen now to the latest episode of the Politically Unstable podcast.

Aug 23, 2022

In July, nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to cross the border -- a 325% increase from the average number of July apprehensions during the Trump administration. Ten of those apprehended were on the terror watch list. Enough fentanyl was seized to kill every single American

Tune in as former...

Jul 7, 2022

Kellyanne Conway: "I. . . survived many people trying to take me down and push me out, and I won't forget that."
Former Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway sat down with Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt and Washington Times Commentary Editor Kelly Sadler in a fiery interview to discuss her new book,...

Feb 16, 2022

"You can't compare it to Watergate because it would be a disservice to all of the people involved in Watergate, this is so much worse." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt gives his take on the explosive allegations in the Durham probe. Charlie tells Andy Parks about how, after ignoring the story that...

Feb 2, 2022

"It is always wonderful to have new allies fighting to save our country. It is also delightful when hopeless nerds entertain us with their pretzel logic and fancy words." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks with a look back at how the loudest voices in political conversation are the most out of...